Artal Preparatory School

Our goal

To provide the most vibrant, stimulating, and supportive environment for our children promoting happiness, success, and most importantly, celebrating the child for who they are.

The Learning

Learning at Artal is personalized as students are assessed on a continuum based on their own progress and attainment and each child has a personalized learning path created just for them.

We believe that teaching students to be good learners is essential to instilling a love of learning. We teach this through our nine learning powers. These skills are embedded throughout all learning so that children have mastered them as they move through our pre-school and primary school preparing them for success throughout their school lives.

Our Approach To education is the perfect blend between originality and innovation, and pride in identity, National and Arabic language with the application of the latest innovative education techniques and the latest methods Inquiry-based teaching and project-based learning in a learning environment Inspirational, attractive, and exciting objectivity for the learner's motivation and interest.

Our Mission Preparing multilingual male and female students who are able to master the skills of the century. The twenty-first, proud of their Islamic and Arab origins, open to the world and determined to achieve their goals and manage their lives effectively to contribute to development of their communities and countries.

Our Vision: To bring about a quantum leap in the concept of international foundation schools in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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