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Do you accept non-Saudi students for admission?
Yes, we accept children of any nationality that have the legal documents and a valid iqama. Students on a visa only cannot enroll until they have a legal iqama.
Does Artal offer a sibling discount?
Yes. We offer a 10% discount off the first tuition and 5% off the second.
Do you have a special needs/education department or offer learning support?
At this time, we offer support for minor learning difficulties, but do not offer a special education or special needs support program. Because we want to set every child at Artal up for success, we want to ensure that every child can access the curriculum and we are able to serve their needs in their entirety. We never want to make promises to support challenges that we are not equipped to address. For this reason, major learning disorders, special education needs and social emotional and physical challenges beyond our capacity are children we will be unable to serve at Artal Prep at this time. It is our ultimate goal to serve all children. Please check back with us next academic year to check the status of our learning support program development.
Are students required to wear uniforms?
Yes. We have a strict uniform policy and are diligent about its enforcement.
What are the class sizes or student to teacher ratios at Artal?
Age Level Student to teacher ratio
Nursery Ages 0-1 1:3
Sunshine Ages 2-3 1:5
Explorers Ages 3-4 1:7
Reception through primary school ages 1:8
How can I prepare my child for the admissions assessment?
We utilize a cognitive assessment to measure the aptitude and potential of each applicant to our school. It is not possible to study or prepare for such an assessment and we strongly recommend not doing so. Our assessment is not based on math topics or reading, but rather assesses quantitative skills, spatial awareness, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. This assessment is not solely used for admissions, but to inform personalized learning pathways for successful applicants once they begin at Artal Prep.
What are the school hours at Artal Prep?
Students should arrive no earlier than 7:15am and no later than 7:30am for breakfast. Classes begin promptly at 7:45am. Our gates lock at 8:00am and we stop admitting students at that time. We maintain strict arrival procedures and expectation to minimize the major disruption late arrivals have on the other children in the classroom.
If an applicant is Saudi, but has dual citizenship, which passport should be submitted?
Per Saudi law, all Saudi nationals must be registered in the Noor system with their Saudi identification information.
What is VAT and who is required to pay it?
VAT is the value added tax that is mandated by the Saudi government. This is not a school fee, but rather a tax that is surrendered and paid to the Saudi government as per law. Saudi citizens are exempt from VAT.
What curriculum is taught at Artal Prep?
We use the National Curriculum of England as our structured framework, but take a very creative and trans-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Please see our Curriculum Overview for more information.
Does Artal Prep offer an after school program or activities?
Yes! Artal has an exciting clubs and activities program for both students of Artal Prep and students from other Riyadh area schools. Please see our Enrichment Learning Program for more information and/or contact us for details.
Does Artal Prep offer a meal program?
Yes. We have an in-house chef. We serve breakfast, lunch and 2 daily snacks inclusive of tuition fees. Please see our Healthy Living and Wellbeing page for additional details.
What are the technology device requirements for students?
We are a 1:1 device school in the Primary age groups. An Apple iPad is included in tuition fees. This iPad is kept protected on campus and used daily at school. Students are asked to leave their devices at school in order to ensure they are charged, optimized, and maintained by our tech and innovation team. The device follows the students from year to year until it becomes technologically outdated at which point a procedure would be announced. The device is issued to the student only upon leaving the school for transfer or for replacement. Typically, devices are sound when properly maintained for a period of 4 years before replacement is needed due to normal wear and tear. Sending devices home and students using them for play at home significantly lessens their life and usability.
Does Artal Prep do standardized testing?
Artal Prep uses some assessment models that use comparative data, however our approach to assessment is to evaluate the effectiveness of our teaching and ensure growth, not to grade our students. We never use standardized assessment to issue reports or grade our students.
Does Artal Prep provide transportation for students?
At this time, Artal does not offer student transportation.
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