Wheel of Wellbeing

At Artal, we believe a healthy mind and healthy body are equally essential to the development of our children. We provide nutrition in every meal and offer breakfast, lunch, and two snacks daily. Every meal is planned with balanced nutrition at the core by our in-house chef. We encourage and nurture the love of sport and physical fitness from the earliest ages.

  • Learn & Development

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Mind & Spirituality

  • Relationships

  • Rest & Relaxation

Our Facilities

Artal was built with purpose and features a huge array of learning spaces all designed with the student experience at its core.

Our buildings feature an abundance of natural lighting and a stimulating, warm color scheme. Our Early Years floor features well-planned learning spaces and utilizes the indoors as well as dedicated outdoor play spaces designed for exploration and discovery.

Parent Engagement

Parents are a crucial part of the development of their children. Artal fully embraces the essential partnership with our parents and families. Parents have the opportunity to be a direct part of their child’s education through our numerous parental engagement programs and events.

The Artal Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

A group of volunteer parents and academic staff that meet monthly for dialogue and feedback, to nurture open lines of communication, and to plan upcoming events and enrichment opportunities for our children. Parents are active participants in the culture and community of our school and make a direct impact on their own children through the initiatives of the committee.

Fathers Open House Days

We regularly invite our Artal dads into the school and classrooms to celebrate their children with us and participate in hands-on learning, explore the learning environments alongside their children, and be an active member of the school community.

Parent Volunteer Program

Mothers are invited to volunteer in our classrooms and be a direct part of our learning experience on the front lines. Moms work in collaboration with the Homeroom teacher to offer support to their child’s class through helping with resource prep, reading stories, helping with projects, and assisting teachers as they deliver lessons.

Monthly Newsletters

Stay up to date on all things Artal in our monthly parent newsletter designed to keep you informed and actively engaged in your child’s educational experience.
Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Modern research confirms time and time again a direct correlation between student happiness, positive social relationships, self-confidence and self-image, and academic achievement.

Our goal is to provide the most vibrant, stimulating, and supportive environment for our children promoting happiness, success, and, most importantly, celebrating the child for who they are.

We nurture a safe place for children to be their authentic selves.

The House System

Our House Structure places each student as a vital part of a community where they are recognized as an individual whilst being a member of a larger team.

Through our mentorship program, younger children are paired with older children in their House allowing the younger child to have a role model and the older children to take on a position of leadership learning how to model the values and ideals of our school as an exemplar further encouraging their humanistic development and social skills.

Our Houses engage in friendly competition through the academic year to earn house points in sport, academics, and the arts, and support their communities supporting school initiatives.